Visiting Professors and Postdocs

Peihong Shen (Prof., Guanxi Univ., China) – Startup of Anaerobic Reactors

Xia He, Ph.D. – Processes in Sewer Systems

Current Researchers and Students

Ling Wang (Ph.D.) – Microbial Ecology and Modeling of Resilient Anaerobic Co-Digesters

Joseph Weaver (Ph.D.)- Inducing Aerobic Granulation Using Shear

Yi-Chun Lai (Ph.D.) – Microalgae Harvesting

Eunyoung Lee (Ph.D.) – Anaerobic Degradation of Food Waste

Antonio Sobremisana (Ph.D.) – Combined CFD, Floc Aggregation, and Microbial Growth Kinetics Modeling for Carbon and Nitrogen Removal

Amanda Karam (PhD) – Photosynthetic Bioreactors

Catherine MacMillan (MS) – Photosynthetic Bioreactors

Brita Mjos (MS) – TBD

Tate Rogers, MS (Research Engineer) – Hygienic and Effective Pit Emptying Using a Modified Screw Auger

Walt Beckham (Research Technician) – Hygienic and Effective Pit Emptying

Jackie Yeh (BS) – Startup of Anaerobic Reactors

Andrew Norris (BS) – Aerobic Granulation Reactors

Melissa Hyland (BS) – Aerobic Granulation Reactors

Risa Sayre (BS) – Inactivation of Ascaris



Postdocs and Visiting Professors

Pascal Saikaly (currently Asst. Professor, King Abdullah Univ. of Science and Technology)

Kristin Hicks (currently with Central Carolina Colleges)

Shaohui Zhang (currently Assoc. Professor, Wuhan University of Technology)

PhD students

In Chio Lou (Ph.D. 2006, currently Assistant Professor, University of Macau) – Analysis of the Factors in the Competition between Filaments and Floc-formers in Activated Sludge

Cesar Mota (Ph.D. 2006, currently Professor Adjunto, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) – Microbial Ecology of Intermittently Aerated Reactors Treating Swine Wastewater: Molecular Approaches for Identifying Key Nitrogen-Removing Bacteria

Bryan Staley (Ph.D. 2009, currently President of Environmental Research and Education Foundation) – Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Initiation of Methanogenesis in Solid Waste

Xia He (Ph.D. 2012, currently Postdoc at Univ. of Hawaii/NCSU) –Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Deposit Formation: Characterization of Grease Interceptors and Elucidation of Formation Mechanisms

MS Students

Julia E. Keith (Dec. 2002) – Molecular Characterization of Microbial Populations in Full-Scale Activated Sludge Plants and Bioaugmentation Sites

Jiangying Liao (May 2003) –Quantifying Activated Sludge Bulking-Causing Filaments using Molecular Methods

Jon C. Williams (Dec. 2004) – Initial Investigations of Aerobic Granulation in an Annular Gap Bioreactor

Gamze Gulez (May 2005) – Effects of Carbon and Inoculum Sources on the Growth of Filamentous Bacteria in Activated Sludge

Matthew B. Skidmore (Dec. 2005) – Predicting and Improving the Dewaterability of Waste Activated Sludge Through Moisture Distribution Analysis

Vivi L. Nguyen (Aug. 2007) – Quantifying In Situ Growth Rates of Filaments and Floc-formers using Real-time PCR

Lauren Wellborn (May 2009) – Assessment of Water and Sanitation in Philippine Villages

Mariann Z. Vazques-Pineiro (Aug. 2010) – Performance of an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System and Analysis of the Microbial Populations in the Wastewater

Rossana Prevost  (Dec. 2010) – Aerosolization and Quantification of Surrogate Biological Warfare Agents under Simulated Landfill Conditions

Bahareh Karami (May 2012) – Effect of Shear Variability on Formation of Aerobic Granules

Ling Wang (July 2012) – Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Thickened Waste Activated Sludge with Grease Interceptor Waste

Kara N. Kopf (December 2012) – Quantification of Denitrification nosZ Genes in Activated Sludge

F. Jim Hurley (January 2013) –  Effects of Kenaf on Activated Sludge Performance and Microbiology

M. Jason Ho (January 2013) – Linking Community Structure and Function Using Novel Sequential mRNA Fluorescence Hybridization and Flow Cytometry

Jory Wahlen (May 2013) – Using Molecular Microbial Data for Microbial Risk Assessment of Graywater Reuse

Elvin Hossein (August 2013) – Resilience of Bioreactors for Anaerobic Energy Production

Dominic Libera (December 2013) – Simulation of Vomiting as a Mechanism for Spread of Norovirus

MCE Reports Directed

Walt Fletcher (Dec. 2002) – Modeling the Competition between Filaments and Floc Formers in Activated Sludge

JuChun Hsieh (Dec. 2005) – Floc Development in Couette Bioreactors

Laurissa Hoyle (May 2006) – Investigating Steam Application for Reducing Foaming in Activated Sludge Systems

Hyunsuk Hong (May 2009) – Aerobic Granulation using Couette-Taylor Bioreactors for Simultaneous Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Removal

Tracey Sisco (May 2015) – Testing Pit Emptying Mixers

Aditi Murthy (May 2015) – Microbiological Analysis of Full-Scale WWTP Startup

Qian Wang (post MS) – Aerobic Granulation

Undergraduates (last 3 years)

Mackenzie Blum (BS) – Microbial Risk Assessment of Fecal Sludge Management

Dyon Vega (BS) – Fate and Transport of Ebola

Shreyan San (PBS) – Analysis of Illumina Sequencing of AD